Advertising on the HD TV in the Welcome Centre

As a member of the BDTA, members have the option of purchasing an advertising slot on the TV in the welcome centre. For an annual fee of $50 per 15 seconds, your mini-commercial or static advertisement will be included in the 10 minute repeating video.


The details ...

The TV ads are are a part of a mix of video and still pictures.  A businesses ad shows for approx 15 seconds and are mixed within various video clips and still photography of our Buckhorn area.  Every ad shows for the same length of time. Each businesses ad is typically a single static image of images and text (like an ad you'd see in a magazine). If you have a video advertisement you would prefer to use, we can accommodate that! We just need the video file and you purchase the length of time you need for your commercial to show.

Once the series of videos, still images and business ads have all shown, the video starts again from the beginning.  This translates to a businesses ad being displayed on the TV approx 2 times every 10 minutes.  If a business wanted more screen time, more than one advertisement place holder can be purchased (as it is $50 for 15 seconds).

The BDTA charges $50/year for a single ad slot (still image or video) to be included in the slideshow. This is a very low cost and a great way of showing your support for business success in the Buckhorn area.

A single ad can consist of anything a business wants. A business can have no images in their ad (only text) or a collage of images in their ad. We recommend limiting the amount of images in a single ad as a person will be viewing the TV from a minimum of 2 to 3 feet, so 1 - 4 large images with large text works well (versus small images and lots of text)..

Don't hesitate to contact the BDTA to purchase a place on the TV. You can join the video any time of year.



(If you don't have the technical knowledge, contact Adam Woodhouse of Woodhouse Photography, a BDTA member, he volunteered to create the video show and install the TV)

Contact the BDTA for more information and begin your advertising today!

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