Nature / Bird Watching

Buckhorn, A Wildlife and Bird Watchers Paradise

A Birds Eye View
Bring your camera to angle in on the many creatures waking from hibernation, while the wildflowers and returning songbirds are in their brightest plumage.

The Selwyn Conservation Area, stablished in 1973, is a local jewel which boasts a fabulous cross section of the Buckhorn area's wildlife and habitats. A nature trail constructed in the northern portion of the Conservation Area makes the 26 acre property more accessible to the public. This trail allows the visitor to hike through a wide variety of natural habitats and hopefully, catch a glimpse of its residents.

High above, an Osprey soars majestically in the cloudless sky; a Red-winged Blackbird launches an aerial attack on an American Crow flying too low over his territory.

Eastern Bluebird
White Tail Deer

Purple Finches and Vesper Sparrows dart from the fortress of twigs and branches along the forest edge; and in the dense cover of the forest the echoing sound of a Downy Woodpecker may be heard from all around.

Be on the lookout for such elusive birds as the brilliant Scarlet Tanager, Northern Cardinal, Eastern Bluebird and the Indigo Bunting. These are just a few of the species that reside in the Buckhorn area. So be adventurous and listen to the world around you as you enjoy the trails this year.

The Buckhorn area is also a natural wildlife refuge for some of the larger species like the White Tail Deer which can be seen from the roadside grazing in the fields and forest edges anytime of the day.

Moose have also been spotted on a regular basis in the area, as the hunting pressure in the area has been reduced the numbers have slowly increased. With the introduction of Wild Turkey to the area, they can be seen strutting along the edge of the roadside and along walking trails on a regular basis.

With hundreds of miles of walking trails and forest to explore you will have no trouble spotting wildlife in the Buckhorn area so be sure to pack your camera.